Pia is a highly committed and driven  therapist. Her professionalism and expertise in her field of work is second to none. More importantly, as a mum herself, she always set realistic targets for a child. She has a keen and attuned awareness of what a child at various development stages should achieve. Her unwavering belief of a child's potential of achieving more leads her to persevere against the odds. Her sincere and genuine interest in the child and family surroundings set her apart from the rest of the professionals we have encountered. Our son, Jeremiah, and us are indeed very privileged to have her as our therapist! 


Stephanie & Ben


Pia is amazing! She is friendly, engaging, caring and considerate. Pia interacts in a professional yet casual and non-intrusive manner. Her approach is flexible and she works with us on the best approach for our daughter. I learned more in one hour with Pia than many months of therapy with other providers. Having Pia in our home environment is invaluable – our daughter is relaxed and we engage in relevant activities. We like to discuss and agree on ‘areas of focus’ which provides us with great guidance in between our sessions. Pia goes beyond the ‘call of duty’ and provides us with additional ideas, recommendations and support. Her knowledge and experience is impressive. Pia is not just a therapist to us, she is a special part of our family and has made a difference to our lives as parents and to our daughter.





My daughter was three before we had her hearing impairment diagnosed. Within a few days of being diagnosed, I was introduced to Chelsea. She spent 12 months being Cerys' AV therapist, but just as importantly, she became my teacher and mentor. She inspired, encouraged and taught me how to teach my daughter how to speak. Step by step, goal by goal. I admit we worked hard - Team Cerys. I had two children who just learnt how to speak, this was new territory for me. But through stories (40 library books at a time), rhyme, play, conversation (comment, comment, comment), "excursions" (to introduce new vocab), baking etc etc introducing sounds, pronouns, tenses, conjunctions one at a time... my daughter now has a very social life, and is excelling in school, with a love for language and literature. I truly believe that our outcomes would have been different had we not been coached by Chelsea.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. She changed our lives.



Learning that our newborn daughter had hearing loss was hard to hear but didn't mean nothing could be done. Pia taught us how to teach our daughter, Anna, to listen and develop communication skills in her early development days that will help set her up for life. She made me, as a mum, feel confident that I was doing the best I could for her. Pia also made therapy resources available to us as a family living remotely in Western Australia. Anna is now 13 months old and progressing beautifully. Thanks Pia!!!



I would definitely recommend Pia as a therapist. She is a highly skilled and dedicated professional.  She created fun, effective and challenging sessions for my daughter with clear goals which achieved results beyond what we were hoping for.    She really cares and was easy to talk to about issues we were facing.  She offered great advice when needed and was happy to support us in our choices for our daughter.  She worked well with other agencies involved with my daughters development and was always willing to visit her school to help communicate my daughters needs in a manner that was easily understood by people with little experience with hearing impairment.





We have worked with Chelsea for the past two years and she helped both of our girls tremendously. Her knowledge and interaction with children is beyond what we ever thought possible. Our girls have become wonderful listeners and talkers and I’m certain it wouldn’t have been possible without Chelsea. She has been a wonderful pillar of support and goes above and beyond in every aspect; she has become a wonderful friend as well as our amazing auditory- verbal therapist.




Pia was a delight to work with; very friendly, caring and professional and always made my son feel very at ease, one of the best therapists we have seen.



When our little boy was first recognised as being hearing impaired, it was the beginning of a journey that we were shocked to be on and were certainly not prepared for. Chelsea was one of a handful people who held our hand throughout the first few rocky years and empowered us to feel confident in understanding and managing our son's hearing loss.  She conducted herself with impeccable professionalism and it was clear to see that being an AV therapist was a vocation, not a job to her. More importantly though, she always made it clear that we weren't just clients, and I certainly feel like she will be a part of my family memories of the first few years. No request was ever too much trouble and she always made me feel that she cared for our son as much as we did. She frequently exceeded every expectation that I had in regards to how creatively she dealt with our specific family circumstances, and how far beyond the call of duty she was prepared to go to make sure our whole family was looked after. I would not hesitate in recommending her to any family looking to provide their child with the best care available.




My daughter & I were fortunate to have three sessions with Bron during her visit to Darwin earlier this year. What I gained during those three sessions was phenomenal & I was amazed at how spot-on & accurate Bron's assessment of my daughter was & just how much education & useful advice she was able to contribute in so few sessions.  I am really glad that I took the opportunity to access Bron's services while she was visiting Darwin & am deeply grateful for her auditory-verbal expertise & overall insights. Thanks again Bron & a big thumbs up from Darwin!



My family had the good fortune to come across Pia Leeming and her skills when James, who was born with a profound hearing loss, was in lower primary  and still struggling with the social and academic demands of mainstream schooling. Pia used home-based activities, which James loved, to encourage him to listen and speak. I credit her for much of that early progress, which included valuable advice to our family on how to use everyday routines to maximise learning opportunities.

I’m happy to say James has just completed a university degree in commerce and is a confident young man.



Bron is wonderful. She has a wealth of knowledge and provides very practical activities that can be done using everyday experiences and things around the home. I love how Bron works with the family in the home and demonstrates how AV activites can involve the whole family.



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